People In Quebec Are Really Confused By The Government's Disturbing New Marijuana Ad Campaign

If you've been on the metro in Montreal or out and about recently in Quebec, you may have come across the strange new awareness campaign the Ministry of Health has put out across the province.

The campaign is related to the use of cannabis and is meant to spread awareness and provide information about potential risks associated with marijuana use that can impact the health and safety of marijuana users.

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TL;DR Quebec's Ministry of Health has released a new weed-awareness campaign that is downright bizarre. Photos of the campaign and people's hilarious reactions below.

The government hopes that the campaign will "inform young people of the main risks associated with cannabis use," as well as spur young people to educate themselves about the substance that was legalized last year.

Via Ministry of Health and Social Services

The idea is, "Weed could never do that.... but there are real risks."

The government plans to utilize several mediums to spread their message, particularly through "television, movies, digital radio ads, web placements, postings in bistros, buses and subways," and more in order to catch the attention of youth in Quebec.

Via Ministry of Health and Social Services

In addition to the posters, several videos were also created.

It does seem to want to frighten people who are unfamiliar with the psychedelic effects of marijuana while simultaneously confirming that, no, marijuana won't make you hallucinate strange things happening to your body. Nor will you begin to shapeshift.

It's easy for weed users to laugh this campaign off, but it has the ability to really frighten people who don't know what marijuana use is really like.

I think it also has the ability to cause another group of people to laugh off any risks related to marijuana use. While it can be a completely innocent substance, it isn't completely free of side effects.

ok what's up with the weed in Quebec?

February 6, 2019

I guess they are trying to say don’t try the #weed in #Quebec 😂😂😂😂🌿🇨🇦

February 6, 2019

In fact, it looks like the reactions are entirely negative. People who have encountered the campaign in Quebec can't help but make fun of the government's attempt to be out of the box.

Also, everyone is wondering who came up with this campaign and... what were they smoking?

LMAO wtf how strong is the weed in quebec ???

February 6, 2019

The only thing that perhaps is loved more than separation in Quebec is having a serious hate on for weed.

February 11, 2019

While some drugs definitely have the ability to cause hallucinations or the feelings associated with the pictures in the campaign, it is a fallacy that marijuana has this effect.

I think they mixed up #weed with #magicmushrooms 🍄 #potstocks#quebec

February 5, 2019

It's a dead heat between Quebec and Manitoba on which province hates weed the most.

November 23, 2018

This new campaign, paired with the CAQ's desire to up the legal age to 21, paints a picture almost as bizarre as the ads.

While the province had no choice but to follow suit with federal legalization, it seems CAQ leader François Legault plans to push back as much as is provincially possible.

For those of us who live in Montreal, this stance seems terribly out of sync with citizens. But the reality is that, when polled, Quebec showed 54% disapproval with legalization.

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