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People In The U.S. Just Ranked This Canadian City The #1 Ski Town In North America

Time to hit the slopes!
People In The U.S. Just Ranked This Canadian City The #1 Ski Town In North America

It's now the time of year when all the annual rankings become available. As always, Canada has made an impressive showing. It's always nice to end the year knowing you've been the best at something. Luckily, we definitely haven't fallen short of making #1 on many lists in 2018.

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TL;DR USA Today readers unanimously voted in favour of Jasper, Alberta being named the #1 ski town in North America. Each town was judged on its access to slopes, small-town vibe, history, and food scene.

Canada is often looked to for its wintry landscapes. Yes, we do have busy cities and major urban jungles, but most parts of the country are characterized by nature filled with wildlife, sublime scenery, and picture-perfect snowscapes.

So it's not a surprise when the U.S. had to vote on the #1 ski town in North America, a Canadian city came out on top.

The readers of USA Today voted Jasper, Alberta the best ski town there is. It's time to give ourselves another pat on the back for being the best.

The town had extremely tough competition, making this accomplishment even more admirable. The next two entries were North Conway, New Hampshire and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

On top of our big win, other Canadian cities were also mentioned on the list. Rossland, British Columbia made it to No. 6 while Nelson, British Columbia scored tenth place.

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Each ski town was scored according to its slopes, town culture, history, and restaurants, according to Global News. So, needless to say, you don't even have to leave the country to get the best skiing experience this winter.

As of now, two-thirds of the mountain at Marmot Basin in Jasper National Park are open and in perfect condition for anyone in need of a ski getaway!

Read the entire USA Today list here!


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