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People On Reddit Admit That They're Actually Pretty Disappointed In Marijuana Legalization In Canada

It's been a little over six weeks now since cannabis became legal in Canada. 

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TL;DR A recent Reddit post sheds some light on how legalization has actually impacted the day-to-day lives of Canadians. Many agree that they feel more comfortable talking about pot use and also smoking openly in public. However, most people agree that not much has actually changed; pot smokers just keep on smoking as before.

The first day of legalization was highly succesuful. In Quebec, for example, the SQDC proccessed 42,500 transactions in store and online in just a single day.

As a result, legalization has made one thing abundantly clear: Canadians love weed.

So much so that many legal cannabis vendors across Canada have run low on inventory much more quickly than anticipated. The SQDC has been perhaps hardest hit by this lack of stock. The goverment-run retailer has had to close three days per week.

All this difficulty in the legalization process begs the question: has anything actually changed in the daily life of Canadians now that weed is legal?

We turned to Reddit to find some answers to this question.

One anonymous Canadian user posted remarking that, as a pizza person, he has noticed more and more houses smell like weed, as if people have stopped stressing over covering up the smell of pot.

But except for a few outstanding anecdotes, it looks like many Reddit users agree that if there have been changes, they've so far been minor. 

To be fair, some people did express enthusiasm about legalization. But for the most part, people seemed pretty disappointed.

People talk openly about their pot use more.  

Via reddit

Via reddit

Things smell a little funkier than before

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Weed-smoking has become the new veganism?

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In the end, most people agree, that not much has actually changed. Everyone just kept on smoking!

Via reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

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