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People On Reddit Just Noticed That Bald Guinea Pigs Look Like Baby Hippos And The World Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

So cute but so... confusing.
People On Reddit Just Noticed That Bald Guinea Pigs Look Like Baby Hippos And The World Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

Some animals are so ugly they're kind of cute. This category is comprised of pugs (yes they are ugly, stop pretending you think they're genuinely adorable), naked mole rats, and blob fish, amongst others.

I would like to add bald guinea pigs to the list. The tiny suckers look like baby hippos and they're absolutely adorable in all of their naked glory. If anything could convince me to get a rodent, it would be these little dudes.

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TL;DR People on reddit just found out about bald guinea pigs and it's hilarious.

This photo, posted to r/interestingasfuck on Tuesday morning, caused quite the stir.

It's a photo of abald guinea pig. The caption reads "Bald Guinea pigs look like little Hippos."

And I just have to agree. From the beady little eyes to the fuzzy ears, these little rodents could easily be mistaken for hippos. For comparison's sake here's a video of a baby hippo:

from aww

Of course, comments under the bald guinea pig photo are amazing. "What if hippos are just huge bald Guinea pigs?" asks one commenter. "Hungry, hungry Guinea pigs," replies another user.

Comparisons were inevitably drawn to the ubiquitous "house hippo" which graced our screens when were were little kids.

"PSA - Beware of Chinese knock-offs," says one user. "To check if you have an NA house Hippo. Fill your bathtub with water, dunk your House Hippo for 5 mins. After 5 mins, if it's a house hippo it will want to go back in the water. If it's dead, it's a shaved guinea pig.

from aww

These little rodents are actually called "skinny pigs." The breed is a cross between haired guinea pigs and a hairless lab strain. Cute!

Fun fact,according to the Charles River lab: the hairlessness is a "mutation first identified in 1978, among the offspring of three females caged with one male in a colony of albino Hartley guinea pigs at Montreal's Institute Armand Frappier (IAF)." These adorable abominations are Montreal natives!

The guinea pigs can live up to 7 years. They are now mostly used for dermatological studies.

Honestly, they look like they would makecute pets.

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