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People On Twitter Are Making Book Titles "More Canadian" And It's Hilarious

"Life of PEI" is one of many proposed book titles.
People On Twitter Are Making Book Titles "More Canadian" And It's Hilarious

The newest Twitter challenge asks users to #MakeABookCanadian. The challenge is to, of course, take book titles and "Canada-fy" them.

The challenge was proposed in honour of World Book Day, an occasion to promote writing and reading books for a brighter, more educated future.

Boy, did the internet ever rise to the challenge to deliver hilarious book titles... From clever re-writes to hilarious stereotypes, all of the titles proposed by Twitter are hilarious.

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TL;DR Penguin Books Canada launched the #MakeABookCanadian hashtag and Twitter is sharing their hilarious Canadian takes on classic book titles.

The challenge was started by the publishing group Penguin Books Canada. The tweet that started the trending hastag was posted earlier today to their Twitter account:

Penguin books had many other ideas for Canadian books, and they tweeted a bunch out:

Other people quickly chimed in with their two cents. Many re-worked the book titles of classics we all read in high school:

Honestly, I want to see a remake of the Great Gatsby with Ryan Gosling, like, NOW.

Others incorporated iconic Canadian pop culture references into their titles:

Note that the above tweet is by the author of Fifty Shades of Grey, which somehow makes it even funnier. On that note..

Let's not forget about our childhood favourites:

These titles are all AMAZING. I'm genuinely cackling right now.

Let's not forget about our Canadian celebrities:

I should probably stop the article here, but there are SO MANY GOOD ONES under the #MakeABookCanadian hashtag. Peruse and enjoy, fellow book lovers!

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