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People Online Are Saying Taylor Swift Is Trying To Be A White Beyoncé

It's #Beychella vs. #Mayochella 🤣
People Online Are Saying Taylor Swift Is Trying To Be A White Beyoncé

Taylor Swift is being called out online for her performance at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1st. The pop singer performed her new single, "ME!," for the first time live and the production included a huge drumline marching band.

It was Swift's choice to include the drumline band at the performance that caught the attention of the Beyhive, Beyonce's loyal group of fans... they immediately started to compare the Taylor Swift performance to the iconic Beyonce Coachella performance that sparked the hashtag #Beychella and was subsequently made into a Netflix original film called "Homecoming."

It wasn't long before the memes started pouring in, and let me just say, I personally find them hilarious. 

The show was described as "sauceless," and I have to say I find the song itself  rather bland, too. Despite all the colour and the guest vocals stylings of Panic! At The Disco's Brendan Urie, this song seems like three steps back for Swift, musically.

But of course, the bigger conversation was the seemingly appropriative use of the marching band, so soon after Beyonce's iconic homage to the Black college experience in the southern United States.

The timing isn't on Swift's side, either, as Beyonce's film "Homecoming" just hit Netflix last month, so the iconic drumline-infused show is still top of mind for a lot of Beyonce fans

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While the memes are hilarious, some fans were legitimately ticked off at the appropriation of the performance.

They even coined a hashtag and... it is too hilarious. While Beyonce's Coachella performance was called #Beychella, Swift's BBMA performance is being called #Mayochella.

Other criticisms included the simple desire for some level of better execution, as the tweet above expresses. If you're going to "emulate" something, fine. Art is self-referential. But you have to really make it your own and step up the game somehow. 

Otherwise, you end up with the hashtag #Mayochella on your hands.

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Regardless of how you feel about the whole "controversy," there's no denying the memes are hilarious. So.. here are a couple more just for good measure because they had me howling.

Watch the full BBMA performance below and make up your own mind:

So? Are you Team Tay or Team Bey?

Are the performances similar enough to warrant this kind of outrage? Or are they different enough that the Beyhive should just buzz off?

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