People Who Curse Are Smarter, More Attractive And Less Violent

That's fvcking right.
People Who Curse Are Smarter, More Attractive And Less Violent

Remember when mom would punish you for swearing and tell you that there are "bad" words you can't use? Well, turns out she was wrong. Science has spoken - swearing is actually good for you. There are so many health and emotional benefits that come along with swearing, that it's stupid not to fvcking swear. That's really good news, especially on a Monday morning, when all I can think of is... FML. Without further ado, I present to you a bunch of reasons why swearing is really good for you.

1. People who curse are smart

Contrary to popular belief, swearing should not make you sound stupid. Dr. Richard Stephens, who is a senior lecturer from Leeds University says: “The stereotype that those who swear have a low IQ or are inarticulate is wrong. It is rich emotional language.”

2. Swearing makes you bond with your peers

If you curse in front of your group of friends or even co-workers, it means that you're comfortable enough in their company to be yourself and feel relaxed. By cursing in front of other people, you send them the signal that you're open, honest and easy going.

3. People who curse are more attractive

Elitedaily conducted a survey to see whether cursing makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. The results are quite surprising. Apparently, both men and woman find the opposite sex significantly more attractive when they swear, under one condition - it must be in appropriate circumstance.

4. People who curse are more confident

Swearing can make us feel like we have more control over a bad situation. When you're stuck in traffic, for example, and you just scream out "Fuck!" and you're all alone in your car - it's empowering. The act of swearing makes us feel more confident. We're no longer passive victims of the situation, you know? So fuck you traffic!

5. Swearing relieves pain

It's been scientifically proven that swearing activates the "fight-or-flight" body response, that consequently starts an adrenaline surge followed by an analgesic effect. A Keele University study showed that people who swear are able to hold their hands in ice water for twice as long. So next time you bump your toe against something, let your soul scream profanities because it will make the pain go away.

6. People who curse are less violent

Swearing makes it possible to get back at people or situations without having to resort to violence. Instead of being physically violent, one can use violent words. It's still pretty bad, but it's better than punching someone in the face, right?

7. People who swear are more expressive

Swearing makes everything clearer. People understand what you're going through or your emotions much better when you add a swear word to a sentence. For example, "I'm sad" VS "I'm fucking sad". Which one sounds more dramatic? I'll let you be the judge.

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