People Who Hate Mondays Are More Productive During The Week

Do you hate Mondays? Great, I've got amazing news for you. Turns out your hate for Mondays can actually reveal a thing or two about your personality. People who can't stand Mondays usually wake up with a deep feeling of "loser complex" from a weekend of drinking and/or eating more than you normally would during weekdays.

A study reveals that women feel least attractive on, you guessed it, Mondays! In fact, about 46% of women admit to feeling the least excited to look at themselves in the mirror on Mondays. So if you've been feeling ugly on Mondays, just know that you're not alone, sister...

Keep in mind though, there are tons of great things that come along with "Monday Blues". Our feeling of internal unsatisfaction actually leads to a positive and more productive week!

In other words, when you wake up feeling bad about yourself and thinking, "Why am I doing this to myself? Whyyyy?" (sounds familiar, right?), you reevaluate your whole life and think of ways you can become a better person and make yourself proud. Your existential crisis turns into a complex of insecurities that, in turn, make you want to change and do great things that week. That's why so many diets and lifestyle changes start on Mondays. Diving into a new workout routine, getting that gym membership, becoming vegan or even making that important business decision - Mondays are perfect to give us that little push we needed to make a change. Now let's hope this enthusiasm lasts throughout the week.

Video cred - Gsjunker