People You See On Montreal's St-Laurent Street After 3 AM

Lining up for cheap chow mein, poutine and hot dogs
People You See On Montreal's St-Laurent Street After 3 AM

Partying on Saint-Laurent boulevard is always a good idea, and with the massive selection of bars and late-hours food options, you're sure to have a good time. The club is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to night time entertainment. Sometimes those moments that make a really awesome story at work on Monday aren't the ones happening inside a club, they're happening when you stumble outside at 3 am with all the other party casualties.

1. There’s always someone about to be sick on the sidewalk in front of one of the many clubs.

You know this guy/girl. In fact, you may have even been this guy/girl. Whether you were out celebrating your best friend’s birthday at Pinq Taco, or you just finished that last mechanical bull-ride at Chez Serge.

2. People fighting bouncers to get back inside the club/bar.

This is something that occurs every weekend in Montreal. Bouncers at clubs like Rouge and Muzique are constantly fighting off people trying to get back inside where their potential hook-ups or un-finished drinks are waiting.

Photo cred - Maëlick

3. Designated drivers with a car full of drunk friends, trying not to run over drunk people who are jaywalking.

If you've been assigned the role of designated driver and you're on St-Laurent, you're guaranteed to have a hard time getting home - especially if you live in the West Island! Not only do you have to care for your very tired and very drunk friends, but you have to safely control a vehicle all while attempting not to run over the drunk guy that decided to run through the middle of the road to get a piece of pizza.

4. People trying to find their way back to the car while looking like a pack of clueless tourists.

This has happened to the best of us. You’re out on St-Laurent with your friends, just finished dancing the night away at Nesta when suddenly, it’s closing time and you and your friends are all pretty drunk and have absolutely no sense of direction. It’s no wonder most of us don’t end up in a completely different city altogether.

5. Lining up behind 10 other people for $2 chow mein at Chez Mein.

If you haven’t experienced this, you haven’t truly experienced what it feels like to be on St-Laurent at 3 am on a Saturday night. Drunk or not, 3 am seems to be the time when people crave cheap and delicious food. Chez Mein is a terrific example of a location where drunk people show up to take advantage of the low price and chow down on the chow mein.

6. Guys falling over drunk trying to hit on girls who cant walk in their shoes anymore.

This does technically happen on every street in downtown Montreal, but is especially frequent on St-Laurent. There’s always one group of guys trying their best to bring a girl home who can barely feel her feet, let alone walk from Buona Notte to the parking lot.

The best of us have been there. You’re 18, you’re drunk, and your dad has been waiting 45 minutes for you to leave whichever club your newly legal friend decided to have their birthday party at.

8. Someone eating 10 hot dogs and a poutine at La Belle Province after a night of bottle service.

Unless you're new to Montreal, you've most likely had a Belle Pro poutine and hotdog combination after a night out. This is a specialty on St-Laurent, where La Belle Province is conveniently located right next door to some of St-Laurent's busiest clubs and bars. You may eventually find said person sitting on the sidewalk directly outside, contemplating their decision to eat that much delicious greasy food after drinking directly from a large bottle of vodka an hour before.

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