If you, like me, were ignorant of the fact that there was a Canadian in the Royal Family until very recently, don't worry. We're all coming to terms with this news at our own pace, apparently. When word came out that the son of Princess Anne and grandson to Queen Elizabeth II, Peter Phillips, would be divorcing Autumn Kelly, his wife since 2008, it suddenly became clear to me that a Montrealer was a member of the most famous family in the world — and I had had no idea this whole time.

Autumn Kelly became Autumn Phillips in September of 2008 and went on to have two daughters with Peter, named Savannah Anne Kathleen and Isla Elizabeth.

Neither Kelly, the girls, nor Peter holds a title. The Queen's grandson is simply called Master Phillips, as his parents refused the offer to include him in the peerage or allow him to hold a courtesy title.

Still, the girls are counted in line to the throne, and Autumn Kelly will always be the first Canadian to be a member of the British royal family, even if she and Peter have now decided to call it quits.

Here are some other fun facts about the former Montrealer turned semi-Royal!

She graduated from McGill University in 2002

Kelly received a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian studies while working as a model, a bartender, and an actress. She went on to work in management, which led to her meeting with Phillips.

It took her 6 weeks to realize she was dating a Royal

After meeting at the Montreal Grand Prix in 2003 during a Formula One after-party, Kelly admitted she found out Peter, the man she was dating, was Prince William's first cousin on TV.

Her engagement ring was reportedly worth £80,000

That's a whopping $138,480 in Canadian dollars.

The ring is white gold with three stones, with the centre diamond in the shape of an oval.

She was married at Windsor Castle & the reception took place at Frogmore House

Harry and Meghan were also married at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle and celebrated their reception at Frogmore House.

The estate also includes Frogmore Cottage, where Harry and Meghan lived after the birth of Archie until the recent move to  North America.

She was the first Canadian to join the British Royal Family

Kelly's wedding to Peter Phillips marked "the first wedding of the royal next generation and was attended by tons of nobility.

Her daughters were Queen Elizabeth II's first two great-grandchildren

Savannah Anne Kathleen, pictured above, and her younger sister, Isla Elizabeth, were Queen Elizabeth's first two great-grandchildren, as they were the first grandchildren of her daughter, Princess Anne.

Savannah & Isla are technically in line for the thrown

Princess Royal, Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, is 14th in line to the British throne. Her son, Peter is therefore 15th, making his daughters 16th and 17th in line to the throne, respectively.

And a bonus fact, which comes as no surprise: royal or not, Autumn Kelly is one of the most fashionable women to walk the halls of Buckingham Palace.

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