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Perspectives On U.S. Mass Shootings From A Canadian In Montreal

At least we have measures in place to prevent this from happening again, unlike this one country...
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protest against gun violence and for gun control

People have been shaken to the core once again in the wake of even more mass shootings in the United States. After the requisite "thoughts and prayers," everyone (at least anyone with half a brain) is asking, is anyone going to do anything about this? 

If history is any indication, the ugly truth is that there will be more mass shootings in the U.S. and no one will do anything about it. If you want to argue otherwise, tweet me.

The numbers are indeed troubling in the United States. Including the two most recent ones in El Paso and Dayton, there have been 255 mass shootings in 218 days this year

In Canada, we've only seen a handful of mass shooting events since the École Polytechnique Massacre in 1989.

Let that sink in for a second.

Whether you're shocked or desensitized by this news, the fact is that mass shootings perpetrated by politically emboldened white supremacist terrorists are happening more often than ever before

In Quebec in 2017, Alexandre Bissonnette, a university student inspired by incel movements, Trump, and Trump's buddy Ben Shapiro, went to a mosque in Quebec City and murdered 6 people, injuring 19. 

Canada's stringent gun regulations do work, despite some murky rules about buying them online. Regardless, Canadians are forced to register their firearms.

The Conservatives want to loosen up Canada's gun laws, however, which should be incredibly alarming to everyone.

Along with the attack in Quebec City, in recent history, the province saw mass shootings happen at Les Racines de vie Montessori in 2013, Dawson College in 2006, and at Concordia University in 1992. 

While none of those shootings were connected with white supremacy, a lot of recent ones in the United States are perpetrated by white supremacist terrorists, inspired by the President's racist rhetoric. 

According to an explosive 2017 report from the Washington Post claimed that a "disproportionate share of the country’s massacres occur in the province of Quebec." While this might be the case, shootings in the province overall have been sharply decreasing since 2006 according to the Montreal Gazette

In fact, Canada as a whole saw only 249 firearms being used in homicides in 2018. Our gun laws work, despite not being immune to mass shootings and gun violence. 

As in the rest of Canada, legal gun owners in Quebec have to register their firearms with the government. I've heard arguments that strict gun regulations don't work, but one only has to know the facts to understand that gun regulation DOES work in Canada

Quebec has a troubled past with mass shootings and gun violence, to be sure, but at least we don't have to worry about being shot at Walmart. 

So while American mothers are scrambling to buy bulletproof backpacks for their children, we Canadians can only watch in horror as one of the world's great empires collapses before our eyes

We aren't immune from gun violence, mass shootings, or white supremacy, but at least we have a system in place that doesn't allow those terrible things to run rampant. 

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