Pharmaprix To Allegedly Start Selling Marijuana

Life Brand bud, anyone?
Pharmaprix To Allegedly Start Selling Marijuana

A new player is entering the marijuana industry in Canada, and the company is quickly becoming a top contender for the role of the nation's largest purveyor of cannabis and cannabis-related products. Coming way out of left field, the company in question is Pharmaprix, Canada's largest retail pharmacy chain.

Better known as Shoppers Drug Mart Corp, the incredibly popular pharmacy/one-stop-shop store is said to have already had meetings with some of the largest medical-marijuana growers in the nation, according to sources cited by the Globe and Mail.

Not merely speculation or rumour, a Pharmaprix/Shoppers representative has gone on the record stating the "the company sees pharmacies as a logical option for selling the drug." Executives from Shoppers Drug Mart Corp have also confirmed their meetings with licensed marijuana growers in Canada.

So what's the pharmacy chain's end goal? To create a "generic" (read: Life Brand) type of cannabis that could be sold in all Pharmaprix locations.

And thanks to the Supreme Court of Canada's decision this past June, marijuana vendors aren't limited to selling just bud, but oils and edibles too. With that in mind, the idea of Pharmaprix selling cannabis products seems much more realistic, as a Life Brand marijuana oil fits into the company's aesthetic way more than rows of little baggies.

While some may discredit the notion of a commercial entity selling marijuana, at least Shoppers Drug Mart has a track record that does instill some confidence should the company's plan come to fruition.

With a longstanding reputation as a trusted pharmacy with 1,300+ locations in Canada, almost all of which have an on-site pharmaceutical professional, the company is in a pretty solid position to become a trusted and responsible marijuana vendor, even more so than the SAQ.

Of course, all of this hinges on Canada officially legalizing marijuana, which is more of a "when" than an "if."

The Canadian government will also need to change some things when it comes to the selling marijuana too (right now it can only be done online) if Shoppers Drug Mart wants cannabis products in-store. But if the government wants to make a mean dollar on the taxes that will inevitably be added to marijuana sales, that is also something of an eventuality.

Beyond all the logistics and information, can we all just take a second to let the beautiful notion that is Pharmaprix selling marijuana sink in for a second? Never will you have to wonder where to get weed in Montreal, because some bud is only a short trip to Pharmaprix away.

And will there be sales on marijuana oils? Can getting stoned get me more Pharmaprix points? Lets also not forget the magical experience that will be stocking up on munchies and weed in the exact same place, because we all know Pharmaprix has a pretty legit candy and snacks section.

The future is looking bright, people.

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