Pharmaprix To Start Selling Marijuana

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Pharmaprix To Start Selling Marijuana

Here's some news you don't see everyday.

Pharmaprix is attempting to become Canada's biggest Marijuana dealer.

We talked about this last year, however is was all based on speculation and the fact that Pharmaprix's parent company (Shoppers Drug Mart Corp) was holding meetings with medical-marijuana growers.

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But this morning it became official, Shoppers Drug Mart Corp has applied for a license to become a distributor of medical marijuana.

And thanks to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in June 2015, marijuana vendors aren’t limited to selling just pot, they can now also sell oils and edibles.

Just like all the other drugs they dispense, Shoppers Drug Mart simply wants the ability to supply patients with the marijuana they need.

As of now, the 75,000 Canadians who have medical marijuana prescriptions either have to produce it themselves or they can buy it from one of 12 licensed producers.

Pharmaprix believes they are best equipped to distribute marijuana since they are already used to dealing with controlled substances.

One thing's for sure, they are certainly more qualified than the SAQ who have also expressed interest in selling marijuana. However if it came to recreational marijuana, it would be nice to be able top pick up your alcohol and pot in one convenient location.


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