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Photography And Media Banned At Music Festival

Osheaga better never let this happen
Photography And Media Banned At Music Festival

Unsound, an electronic dance music festival which takes place yearly in Krakow, Poland has officially banned all forms of media and photography. The festival, which will run from October 13-20 is attempting to keep with its theme of "interference".

The festival, however, will be enforcing a less aggressive approach to the mandate, and asking festival goers to pressure their peers into keeping their cellphones and cameras hidden in their pockets.

Unsound Artistic Director, Mat Schulz explained that in enforcing this policy, his aim was to persuade the audience to focus on the moment, as well as not to distract other festival attendees from their "moment".

Schulz added that an official photographer for the festival will discreetly document some key events. The organizers hope that memories of the festival will live mostly in the minds of the attendees, and not their cellphones.

What do you think about this idea, Montreal? Could you attend a concert without flashing a single picture?

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