Looking back many many years, Montreal looked really different, right? It must, given modern technological advancements and architectural changes. Taking a look at a photo of St. Laurent from the 30's, 50's or 1970's, compared to today, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Montreal has changed, but not as much as you would think. We've compiled ten blast-from-the-past photos of the city and put them right next to modern day Montreal, to show you how much/little the city has changed. We may be living in the past more than you'd think.

Saint-Laurent & Des Pins: 1932 Vs. 2009

Saint-Laurent & Des Pins: 1952 Vs. 2010

Saint-Laurent & Ontario: 1976 & 2010

Saint-Laurent & René Lévesque: 1976 Vs. 2010

Saint-Laurent & Duluth: 1976 Vs. 2010

Saint-Laurent & Mont. Royal: 1952 Vs. 2010

Saint-Laurent & Sherbrooke: 1910 Vs. 2010

Saint-Laurent: 1976 Vs. 2010

Saint-Laurent & Des Pins: 1976 Vs. 2010

Saint-Laurent: 1976 Vs. 2010

Source: flickr.com

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