Do you think your mom is hot? Don't answer that. Just take a second to notice how uncomfortable a question like that, which sexualizes your mother, makes you feel. Children have a natural tendency to put their mothers into a category void of eroticism, but society does that to older women as a whole. Most women over 50 (save some celebrities) instantly becomes a 'mother' figure, and loses any sense of sexuality. Photographer Natalie Krick turns the social stigma on its head in her photo series Natural Deceptions where she takes Playboy-style pinup pics of her 55 year old mother.

Over-stylized, gaudy, and almost comical, Krick's photos may make you feel a bit uncomfortable, and that's the point. Krick's goal is to showcase society's singular view of beauty, one of young women done up with tons of makeup and placed in sexy poses. Krick hasn't received an entirely positive reception from these photos, but judge for yourself below.

Thought provoking or just embarrassing? Has Krick done her mother a service, or just made her a joke? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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