Food styling is an art form in itself. Making a feast for the eyes is just as difficult as making it taste good, if not harder, as not every delicious dish is inherently pretty. Simply looking at food has become an internet phenomenon (don't act like you don't look at food porn) and Claudia Ficca's work is at the top tier of food photography.

Born and raised in Montreal, Ficca has always had a passion for food, fusing it with her love for photography into a career as a food stylist. Ficca's collaborative work with her husband Davide Luciano has been featured on MTL Blog (Meals Interrupted, Gourmet Mouse Traps, Cold Feet) but this is our first feature on her incredibly enticing food photography.

Take a look and get hungry.

To see more of Claudia Ficca's work, LIKE her FB page, FOLLOW Ficca on Twitter, and SURF her official website.

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