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Montreal Street Photographer Shoots The City As If It Were A Hollywood Movie

Lights, camera, action!

Photo cred - Maxime Plantady

A cinematic quality runs throughout the city of Montreal. Not only are tons of movies filmed on Montreal's streets, but there are so many moments where something absurd, or strange, or simply amazing happens in the city where you feel like you're in a movie. Montreal street photographer Maxime Plantady experienced this pseudo-cinematic experience many a time, and so created the photo series "Living in a Movie."

Living in Old Montreal, a somewhat over-the-top and movie-like setting in itself, Plantady saw how cinematic the city of Montreal can truly be. Armed with his camera, Plantady decided to capture these "cinematic moments" where it looked as if a scene from a film was being played out by unknown actors, or as was the case, by random people in the street.

Montreal has a varied vibe and Plantady's photos accentuate the different settings of the city, as each photo looks like it could be the set from a different movie. Some photos make the Montreal look like Batman's hometown, others like an old school crime flick, and others like a haunted ghost town. In each, though, is a beautiful cinematic quality that makes Montreal look larger than life.

See what we mean in the photo sample from Maxime Plantady's Living in a Movie below.

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Check out more of Plantady's work and the rest of Living in a Movie by checking out the photo set's website here.

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