Photo Cred - Marc Cramer
Concrete doesn't need to be a bad thing in a home. As Montreal architect Henri Cleinge proves, concrete can add a lot of dynamism to a house.  Wanting to dismantle standard architectural models and assumptions, Cleinge built the Beaumont House.

Stacking two units in an almost puzzling manner, the Beaumont house has a crazy design where one unit stands on the ground and second floor, while the second unit makes up the second and third floor. A tad confusing, but the plan has a purpose and gives the house three locations to let in sunlight.

Most striking is the Beaumont house's use of materials. Almost every wall is made of concrete, exposed on the outside and inside, giving an industrial edge to the home. Complimenting the stone walls is the home's abundance of wood panels and furniture, creating a dynamic visual juxtaposition.

See just how cool the Beaumont house is through the photos below. Be sure to check out Cleinge's other awesome home too.

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