To truly see the city of Montreal, you need take it to the city's streets. Arial photos are pretty, but its only when walking through the alleys, parks, and side streets of the city do you really feel the vibe of Montreal. Julien Coquentin, in his 2 year photo diary, does just this, and uses a personal photographic POV to capture the unique beauty of Montreal.

Titled "Early Sunday Morning," Coquentin's series is very much a passion project, a personal endeavor to capture the energy of Montreal. Over a two year span, the photos are a "testimony of the changing nature of the city," which evolves from year to year, season to season, and even day to night.

Major landmarks are largely absent from Coquentin's photo series, which adds to the true-Montreal feel of the images. You may not know exactly where each photo is taken, but you'll no doubt recognize it as Montreal. Dark, slightly gritty, and visually striking, "Early Sunday Morning" is a photographic ode to Montreal.

See more of Coquentin's work are his official website.

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