Just like music or literature, food is an incredibly important part of a nation's culture. Only food is a form of culture you get to eat. Some countries are known for their cuisine, with certain foods as well known as their nation of origin. Think pizza and Italy.

Paris-based photographer Jonathon Icher explores the link between food and cultural identity in his photo series Fat Flags. Makeup artist Anastasia Parquet covers models in the colours of their national flags while they eat their nation's iconic foods, creating images which are visually stunning, and make you a little hungry.

Icher's series may be criticizing the way in which foods are used as cultural stereotypes, or he may be celebrating the relationship between cuisine and nation. Either way, the photos are incredibly striking and deserve a look.

Here is some of Icher's other work, all of which are just as visually striking:

Source - icherjonathan.com

What do you guys think of Icher's photo series? Were specific countries left out you'd love to see? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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