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The Montreal Abandoned Incinerator Just Went Straight To The Top Of Our Bucket List

This is something out of a post-apocalyptic horror flick.

Cover photo credFrederic Ansermoz 

As a Montrealer you take pride in that you (obviously) know every nook and cranny throughout the city. And it's cool that you know about that super hipster coffee shop which serves ultra-organic vegan coffee from the himalayas. But did you know that, just a delayed STM ride away, there is an abandoned incinerator that looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic horror flick?

Well, photographer Jarold Dumouchel is one of many that have ventured into the ruins of Montreal's very own Incinerator #3.


Jarold Dumouchel


Jarold Dumouchel

Apparently in the 1920s, Montreal's waste stank worse than Miley Cyrus after filming the Wrecking Ball music video. Enter the Dickson Incinerator, which sounds like  an off-brand weapon of mass destruction.


Jarold Dumouchel


Jarold Dumouchel

Crash course history lesson: the Dickson Incinerator was built in 1954 and, in it's time,was the most advanced of it's kind in all of North America. It was used for destroying  high quantities of garbage that ravaged Montreal.


Jarold Dumouchel


Jarold Dumouchel

But as we entered the future, garbage trucks started becoming a thing. And with that, the Incinerator was gradually ditched. In 1978, Montreal authorities decided to shut this site down.


Jarold Dumouchel


Jarold Dumouchel

It's been 20 years  since it's abandonment. The incinerator in des Carrières, which is also referred to as incinerator # 3, is sometimes used as a warehouse by the City of Montreal.


Jarold Dumouchel

In 2010, it was calculated that a demolition of the site would cost over  $10 Million. Which is ridiculous. So it just sort of got left alone, in hopes that no one would notice. People did.


Jarold Dumouchel

Here are a few more insane shots of the place by photographer Frederic Ansermoz.


Frederic Ansermoz -


Frederic Ansermoz -


Frederic Ansermoz -

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