The Montreal Underground City You Didn't Know Existed

Now this is an underground city.

Photo cred - Andrew Emond 

Next time your friends from Toronto say they want to check out our world famous underground city, make sure to ask them which one.

In case you were unaware, the shopping mall, cinema, and restaurant strewed underground city that spans a whopping 18 miles isn't the only city below our streets. Even deeper down, in the depths of Montreal, lie a series of tunnels and chambers that most of us will never see.

That's where designer/photographer Andrew Emond comes in. Growing up in Toronto can be pretty boring, cause let's face it, it's no Montreal. Well Emond would kill time by exploring his city's storm drains. And in 2006, when he moved to Montreal he decided to get a bit more personal when it came to discovering his new home.

Why does he do it? To get a better sense of the city's infrastructure (when it's not falling apart) and for the adventure! While we're Instagraming our latest eggnog latte, Emond is kicking it in hidden spaces well bellow the city streets. Might not be the best place for  first date, but it's a look into a pretty cool part of Montreal.


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Source: Montreal Underground

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