Trap doors and secret compartments should be a feature of every apartment. Spies, mad scientists and Arnold (of Hey Arnold!) all have sexy hidden contraptions and furniture, but us folks in the real world are hard pressed to find the same. Unless you're in Madrid, where elii architecture has made an apartment filled with secret surprises.

Trying to make the most of out a small space, the architecture firm outfitted their apartment with tons of unseen additions, like tables, mirrors, and even a swing. Creating a space that can be many spaces all at once, the apartment is very much a theatrical stage, changing to fit the shifting needs of the day.

Take a look below and be jealous we don't have the same in Montreal.

Surprise #1: hidden toiletries cabinet

A few steps away is Surprise #2: Hidden mirror with seat to get yourself dolled up

Stealthy Surprise #3: Hide-able furniture to create an open space

Surprise #4: Overhanging (and re-sealable) table

Throw in some chairs and you got yourself Surprise #5: A dinner table

Surprise #6: Random shelf, for books or whatever

Moving on to the epic stuff with Surprise #7: A swing! In your house! A swing!!

The last, and definitely best, is Surprise #8: A mothertruckin' hammock. Colour me jelly.

Want to live here?

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