Photos Of Montreal's "Butterfly Festival" At Jardin Botanique

It looks so magical.
Photos Of Montreal's "Butterfly Festival" At Jardin Botanique

If you think of butterflies as just fancy flying bugs, this article is not going to be for you... there's a lot of people getting mad love from these butterflies! But if you think that a butterfly is a magical hemisphere-travelling, cocoon-bursting creature, these pictures and videos are going to blow your mind.

As part of Montreal's Botanical Gardens exhibit "Papillons en Liberté" or "Butterflies Go Free" you can stroll around the garden's greenhouse and be graced with the beauty of these winged creatures... if you're lucky, one might even land on you!

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TL;DR Take a look at the amazing butterfly exhibit that is going on now at Montreal's Botanical Gardens! Butterflies fly around and if you're lucky, they might land on you like the people below!

I visited the gardens last year while the exhibit was on and I made the cardinal mistake of wearing white.

No, the butterflies didn't poop on me.
They just didn't land on me, which I was so looking forward to!!

If you want to be like the people in these photos and videos, be sure to choose a shirt that is bright and colourful - with flowers is even better.

The butterflies will be a lot more likely to land on you if you're blending in with the greenhouse scenery.

Plus, if you look like a flower bush, they're going to come in for landing because they'll think you're a tasty snack. 

Although, be warned that it is VERY warm inside that greenhouse, so don't layer up.

They keep it butterfly friendly in there, as well as maintaining a climate that is tropical and humid for the plants that live there year-round.

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The Butterflies Go Free exhibit has been running 22 years and teaches the science behind the life of a butterfly in their natural setting.

You can head to the Botanical Gardens to learn more and get your magical butterfly experience from now until April 28th, 2019.

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The exhibit is open from 9 AM - 5 PM every day.

For more information or to buy tickets online, head to their website here.

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