Photos Of Montreal's Little Burgundy In The 1960s Are Charming & Nostalgic

Photo cred - Archives de Montreal

Little Burgundy is an often overlooked area in Montreal, though the 'hood has quite a rich history. An active area on the island of Montreal since 1864 (then the town of Delisle), Little Burgundy flourished in the 20th century, up until about the 1950s.

Mid-way through the 20th century, plant closures, and the subsequent loss of jobs, transformed Little Burgundy into a slum of sorts. Montreal's municipal government didn't wish to keep the area as it was, and initiated an urban renewal project, where many homes and buildings deemed "unfit" were torn down.

Before the city destroyed the now-forgotten structures of Little Burgundy, photo documentation was taken of the homes and buildings to be demolished. Taken between 1965-67, the photos, provided by Archives de Montreal, offer a glimpse into the historical setting of Little Burgundy, and by extension, Montreal, during the time period.

Part of Archives de Montreal's ongoing series "Les quartiers disparus de Montréal," take a look at Little Burgundy from 1965-1967 in the photo series below. See the full set of photos here.

Photo Cred – Archives de Montreal

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