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10 Powerful Photos Of Montreal's Old Port Ships

Eerily-awesome photos from Montreal's Alex Rykov.
10 Powerful Photos Of Montreal's Old Port Ships

Vestiges of a bygone era, the many ships docked in Montreal's Old Port have a certain old-school industrial quality to them. Huge, metallic, and worn, these ships aren't what you'd consider pretty, until now.

Montreal photographer Alex Rykov, qith his unique style, has brought out the beauty in Montreal's Old Port Ships. Playing with lighting and colours, Rykov has breathed new life into these marine behemoths.

Something out of a comic book (or an intense acid trip) Rykov's photos recreate these man-made ships into ghostly, ethereal, and mystical vessels.

Check out Rykov's Old Port Ships photo series below.

See more of Rykov's eerily-awesome photos of Montreal winter and nights too.

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