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Photos Of Montreal's Prince Arthur Street In The Summer Of 1976

Once in a while, a fellow Montrealer throws the interwebs a major throwback, bringing us all to a simpler time when the city was very different.

Case in point: these photos of Prince Arthur Street during the summer of 1976, posted into the Montreal Then And Now Facebook group.

With traffic closed off for a special event (Prince Arthur didn't become a no-car zone 'til 1981), the cobblestone street looks almost exactly as it does today, save one not-so-tiny exception: there are actual people there.

Nowadays, there's no point in the summer when Prince Arthur boasts so much foot traffic, a stellar example of how the Plateau street has declined in popularity and cultural relevancy over the years.

After you ruminate on that a bit, please take a few moments to appreciate the fashion of the 70s, most of which you could actually picture on some hipster today. Aside from the bell bottoms, which are beautiful.

Take a look at the short photo series below.

*All photos courtesy of Robert N. Wilkins via Montreal - Then and Now

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