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Photos Showing Reckless Lazy Driver With A Mountain Of Snow On Their Car On Autoroute 40 In Montreal This Morning

Snowstorms are really fun when they happen on the weekend. Most people don't have to go anywhere and you're free to revel in the mass amounts of snow.

And then Monday comes and the reality of it all comes crashing down like an avalanche (see what I did there?).

But just because it's early and there's snow in your boots, you do not have the excuse to do what the idiot below did...

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TL;DR Someone has officially won the World's Laziest Human Award for the day, based on the fact that they couldn't be bothered to brush the snow off their car before getting on the highway.

I commiserate with anyone that had to get up early and go out into the snowy cold abyss this morning.

It's Monday, the magic of the snowstorm has faded and now all we're left with are cars trapped under six plows worth of snow, icy-ass sidewalks, and the biting cold reality of the workweek.

But like I said above, that is no excuse for this kind of behaviour:

Via Anonymous

Y'all can't be doing this to each other! It's just not right!

First of all, what can you even see with your car like that? It's giving me anxiety just looking at it. 

Thinkof the blind spots!!! 

Via Anonymous

Ok, realistically this buffoon is likely not someone who checks their blind spots to begin with. 

Seriously. This is just rude. Not only are you a straight-up hazard to everyone around you cause you can't see a dang thing...

But you are letting snow just fly around at everyone behind you. 

This is also highly illegal. In Quebec, drivers must clear their vehicles of snow before taking to the road. This is an easy way to get a ticket.

Quebec roads are especially perilous during extreme cold spells. Just this morning, blowing snow on Quebec route 175 led to a multi-car accident in which people were injured.

Quebec drivers should do whatever they can to ensure their own safety, as well as that of other drivers in such hazardous conditions. That includes refraining from capturing photos with your phone while driving on snowy roads.

Stay tuned.

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