Pictures Of When Tim Hortons Sold Hamburgers Before Donuts

A beefy moment in the company's history.
Pictures Of When Tim Hortons Sold Hamburgers Before Donuts

You've no doubt heard that fast-food giant Burger King is about to buy-out Canada's most iconic coffee chain, Tim Hortons, for $11.4 billion. An Amerian burger company purchasing the nation's favourite coffee vendor worries some, but maybe Tim Hortons is just trying to get back to its roots, when they used to sell hamburgers.

Yes, Tim Hortons, best known for coffee and timbits, did, in fact, sell hamburgers in its early years. narrates the infancy of TH, back when founders Jim Charade and hockey player Tim Horton first met and created the idea of a food-service franchise.

Charade wanted Horton's name, to add some celeb appeal to the franchise, and Horton was all for it, as long as the new food spot sold hamburgers. Charade wanted coffee and donuts but relented to Horton's demand and the duo opened two burger spots in North Bay and Toronto, with no success.

Eventually Charade talked Horton to his senses and the first Tim Hortons was opened on April, 1964, in Hamilton, Ontario. Way back then, coffee was a quarter and a dozen donuts were 69 cents, according to the Globe and Mail. My how the prices have changed.

Don't worry though, no one is thinking this BK-merger is a clever way for Tims to get back in the burger-game. Both companies plan to keep their current business model, and won't be changing their menus or anything of the like. A whopper-donut would still be amazing though.

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