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"Pieces Of A Woman" Is Shooting In Montreal, So You May See Shia LaBeouf In The City

Along with Vanessa Kirby, Iliza Schlesinger, and Jimmie Fails.
"Pieces Of A Woman" Is Shooting In Montreal, So You May See Shia LaBeouf In The City
  • The feature film Pieces of a Woman is currently being filmed in Montreal, and some of the cast members have taken to Instagram to let us know how they feel about the cold.
  • Shooting is set to end on January 27, will you see Shia LaBeouf roaming around the city before then?
  • Get more details below!

Montreal has become a go-to city for big movie productions. It seems as though every month a new, cool movie is being shot in the city and this time, it's one starring Shia LaBeouf. The film titled Pieces of a Woman is being filmed right here in our city and his castmates have already begun working and posting on social media.

The film, which is being directed by Kornél Mundruzcó, is set to continue shooting in our city until January 27, 2020. This means you only have a few more days to, hopefully, see LaBeouf walking along our Montreal streets.

Shia is not the only A-list star that will appear in the film. The Crown star, Vanessa Kirby, is also playing a major role in the movie.

Kirby posted a photo back in November and captioned it #PiecesOfAWoman. And, last month, she used the same exact hashtag, this time on a pretty nighttime scene and she tagged Montreal, Quebec in the location. 

Today, their fellow cast member, comedian Iliza Schlesinger, posted Instagram stories in our city too. This gives us hope for some potential celebrity spottings during the upcoming week!

Jimmie Fails, another actor in the film, also showed some appreciation for our city when he posted a photo in mid-December in the beautiful Old Montreal sector of the city.

His caption read "a happy camper," and we're guessing that being in our city had a little something to do with that. 

Today, we got another sign of love for our city, this time from Iliza Shlesinger who is also in the movie. Iliza shared a very Montreal appropriate video earlier today on Instagram.

It was a video of her jumping into the freezing cold snow wearing nothing but an itsy-bitsy black bikini. 

As you can see, she tagged her locations as Montreal, Quebec, along with the caption "AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN! My grandchildren are going to want to know what snow was and I intend to give’em a detailed story!" 

Thank you, Iliza - we love the detail!

It seems as though the cast, well certainly Iliza Schlesinger, is enjoying their time in our city, as well as loving our coffee - both of which come as no surprise to me. 

[rebelmouse-image 26887236 photo_credit="Ibiza | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="684x1240"] Ibiza | Instagram

[rebelmouse-image 26887238 photo_credit="Ibiza | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="700x1230"] Ibiza | Instagram

However, since Shia is not on Instagram, it is up to you to help us figure out where in the city he could be.

We all want to have our Even Stevens moment but please remember to respect his space and privacy if you do bump into him. 

And by that, I mean, make sure to send us a picture of him if you do!

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