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Pizza Pizza Is Selling Pizzas For 50% Off Across Canada

Cheat day all weekend long.
Pizza Pizza Is Selling Pizzas For 50% Off Across Canada

Pizza Pizza is selling all regular priced pizzas for 50% off this whole weekend when you order online.

If you're anything like me, after a night of drinking i'm almost guaranteed to buy a pizza the next day. And by "buy a pizza" I mean, order a pizza straight to my lazy self so I can do the minimal amount of moving off my couch.

Thus, as I have plans to go out tonight AND tomorrow night, I am personally very excited about getting myself some half-off pizzas this weekend.

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TL;DR If you've been craving za, this weekend is the time to give in to your cravings! Pizza Pizza is selling all regular-priced pizzas for 50% off all weekend across Canada when you order online.

The promo code you need to use when you order your 'za online is "50OFF" and you can just add it in when you're ready to check out. Be aware, as mentioned, this is only applicable to regular priced pizzas, so you can't apply it to any of their other deals.

The promo, listed on, says "for delivery only," but if you read the comment section, a lot of people have confirmed that they were able to apply the code to their pick-up order.

So if you're trying to save a couple bucks by avoiding the delivery fee, you can still order to pick-up your pizza at your closest Pizza Pizza location.

Other stipulations on the deal: you can only use one coupon per order, and you can only order 3 discounted pizzas per order. Your fourth will be full price! You have been warned.

You've got all weekend to cash in on this wicked price. In fact, the promo code doesn't expire until April 15th - so if Monday is your cheat day, you're in luck. 

If you regularly order the gluten-free or cauliflower crust, though, you've been left out of these super savings. Also not included are the twin pizzas, frescos and party-sized pizzas. 

Head now to get your half-off za!


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