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Pizza Pizza Is Selling Pizza For Only $4.20 In Canada To Celebrate 420

What better munchies could you ask for?
Pizza Pizza Is Selling Pizza For Only $4.20 In Canada To Celebrate 420

With the first legal 4/20 on it's way in Canada, people from across the country will be taking some time to celebrate now more than ever before. Of course, there are a few things that are essential to taking part in the unofficial holiday.

Not only will those participating likely be super high, but chances are they'll be ridiculously hungry as well. 

And what's a better munchies meal than a classic, cheesy pizza?

In celebration of the upcoming day, one Canadian pizza joint will actually be hosting a sale that really reflects the spirit of 4/20.

Yes, Pizza Pizza will be offeringpizzas for only $4.20 for this one special day.

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TL;DR This April 20, Pizza Pizza will be offering small cheese or pepperoni pizzas for only $4.20 at all locations across Canada. The deal is only available on walk-in orders.

On April 20, you'll be able to head into any Pizza Pizza location across Canada for a small cheese or pepperoni pizza, only $4.20 each.

The unofficial marijuana holiday, which is now finally legal in Canada, is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some delicious pizza at a price we can all agree is pretty great.

Because we all know exactly what follows a great 4/20 session... Munchies.

The pizza itself will not contain any cannabis or cannabis product, but it'll make the perfect 4/20 food, whether you're participating or not!

Maybe once marijuana edibles are made legal in the country by October 17 of this year we can expect some more deals across Canada on infused snacks and takeout.

The deal is only available on walk-in orders, so you'll have to make the trip in-store to place your order on a delicious pizza.

The 4/20 deal is only available for one day, so you definitely don't want to miss your chance of getting a delicious pie for only $4.20!

Also, don't get so high you forget that this deal is only for walk-in pizzas. Don't be calling or trying to order online and blaming MTL Blog when your pizza is full price!


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