PKP Wants To Tax You Every Time You Buy Something On The Internet

Photo cred - bellscorner

It appears as though Pierre Karl Peladeau already wants to put his hand in your pocket. The PQ leadership frontrunner rolled out his economic plan on Tuesday and he wants to tax you every time your make an online purchase. According to CJAD, If he becomes the leader, he wants to implement a new provincial tax on all items purchased on the internet.

This is apparently being done to protect the Quebec retails sector, which may be the worst plan ever because an extra tax doesn't mean that we're going to stop buying items online. (the selection, convenience and price are too good to miss). So this new tax isn't going to fix the problem, it's a band-aid solution that doesn't address the real problem retail stores have in Quebec, which is that some of them are stuck in the past.

What is the mentality behind this kind of reasoning? Online purchasing is the new way of doing business, there's no denying it. So instead of encouraging Quebec businesses to evolve and move into the future with us, which would be better for Quebec in the long run. Does PKP want to stop us from keeping up with he rest of the world and pretend as if internet shopping doesn’t exist? Maybe instead of penalizing the businesses who were smart enough to take advantage of the online market, we should be encouraging more Quebec businesses to open online stores. The internet isn't exactly new, maybe it's time everyone got on board instead of living in denial.

PKP also made a point to mention the supposed economic advantages of having Quebec separate from the rest of Canada, what do you think?