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Place Des Festivals Is Leaking, Summer Festivals In Trouble

Fountain woes may mess with the city's biggest events.
Place Des Festivals Is Leaking, Summer Festivals In Trouble

The fountains in Place des Festivals have sprung a leak

. Several leaks, in fact, and it could end of screwing with the summer's festival season, according

to Radio-Canada


No exact cause for the leaks has been found, but according to Radio-Canada's quoted experts, the problem looks to be a structural design flaw.

Repairs are estimated to begin as soon as May 15th, yet the fountains aren't expected to be fully functional again until the end of 2015. Looks like we got a year of leaks on our hands.

Hopefully the fountains' leaks don't mess with Jazz Fest, JFL, or Francopholie, and nothing definitely indicates that they will, but experts quoted by Radio-Canada seem pretty pessimistic.

These experts believe that, if major repairs are going to be done to the fountains, then the festivals held within Place des Festivals will likely be negatively affected, with outdoor events and shows restricted by construction.

Take that last tidbit with a grain of salt, however, as Radio-Canada's alleged "experts" aren't mentioned by name or profession, so their official opinion doesn't carry that much weight. Still, Radio-Canada isn't one to just make stuff up, so the summer's biggest festivals may indeed be in danger.

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