Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Study Food In Montreal

Good food can fix even the worst all-nighters.
Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Study Food In Montreal

Photo cred -anastasia

Alright you stressed out students, I know you’re out there. I see you sorry haggard people dragging yourselves to your final classes, mentally preparing for the upcoming final exams. Do not worry, the torture will soon be over. I'm like you, a ball of nervous energy who simultaneously wants an A while not exploding from the pressure. And when I’m in finals mode, I tend to fall off the diet wagon. A lot. I just want to eat all of the comfort food and I do not have the capacity to feel bad about it. So, if you’re interested in eating the stress away, these places will sure help you out.

1. Boustan’s

2020 A Crescent 19 Ste-Catherine E

The garlic fries at Boustan’s will fix even the worst all nighters. I think Lebanese cuisine is some of the most underrated comfort food. What’s not to like? It’s warm, has mayo and meat, and comes with a side of soup. Also, Boustan’s is cheap AF so you don’t gotta worry about breaking the bank.

2. Picks Burgers

1407 Rue Saint Marc

If there was ever an appropriate time to get a KOGO from Picks, it’s now. For one thing, they’re immaculate to look at. It’s a glorious corndog, double deep fried to have French fry bits emerged in the dough. And a KOGO combo is so inexpensive you’ll want to get two, if you can handle it.

3. Yeh!

1651 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Y’know how frozen yogurt tries to take the whole “we’re healthier than ice cream angle”, yeah that does not apply when you go to Yeh!. If you stick solely to candy/chocolate based toppings, and swirl the French vanilla and cookie dough flavours, you've just made yourself something real special. Just make sure you stick to mostly “light toppings” (M&M’s, Skor bits, gummy bears), so you don’t send the scale, and price , through the roof.

4. Belle Pizza

Guy Concordia Metro Station

Concordians know what I’m talking about with this one. After a long day at the library, there is nothing more satisfying than buying a couple slices of pizza before you get on the metro. Belle Pizza is located right inside Guy Concordia Station and makes the pizza experience convenient, cheap and oh so tasty.

5. Joes Panini

1404 Rue Drummond

Joe’s knows what’s up. When I need to get my panini game on they always deliver. It’s cheesy, fresh and I always leave entirely satisfied. Also, you’re not going to get panini prices like their’s anywhere else. Enjoying one of these bad boys on a walk to the library makes you feel energized and prepared to buckle down.

6. Frite Alors

680 Saint Catherine Street O.

French fries are the best study food because they make it easy to eat while you work. Pop some of them into your mouth on your brief typing breaks and you’ll be golden. Frite Alors is always my go to for French fry times because, as the name suggests, they know their product. And you would expect a place like this to charge extra since they make such great food, but it’s actually very affordable. Score!

7. Super Sandwich

1115 Rue Sherbrooke O.

Diner food is also a great option for a quick comfort food fix. Super sandwich has a little bit of a run down exterior, but the food doesn't taste like it. It’s actually quite fresh, and made really quickly. Plus if you don’t like the vibe then you can always bring your sandwich to the library with you, no sweat.

8. Reuben’s

1115 Rue Sherbrooke

Montrealers LOVE smoked meat, and students are no exception. When I need to get my rye and medium cut, I’ll go to Reuben’s diner. I usually bring my books with me, and just settle down in one of their booths. When I leave I feel productive, full and my wallet is a happy camper.

9. M4 Burritos

1530 de Maisonneuve West

A student’s secret weapon. M4 Burritos are not only cheap and tasty BUT their food is good for your brain too. A burrito has protein, veggies and grains. Everything you need to perk up and feel nourished in your school time escapades.

10. Dany’s Pizza

1237 Rue de la Montagne

Lastly, Dany’s will always save the day. If you and three of your friends pitch $6, you can each get 2 huge slices of pizza goodness. I will always recommend the white cheese and spinach pizza, with extra parmesan on top. Try it, and I promise you’ll be thanking me later.