Plane Crash Leaves 3 Dead 4 Missing From Quebec Flight

The Air Saguenay flights was travelling between two remote areas.
Plane Crash Leaves 3 Dead 4 Missing From Quebec Flight

A small plane crash in Labrador has left 3 passengers dead, according to the CBC. 4 people are still missing as of the time of publication.

The aircraft belonged to Quebec-based Air Saguenay, which operates float planes. The fatal flight was transporting fishermen between settlements in Shefferville, Quebec and the area of Misatin Lake in Labrador, CTV reports.

A rescue mission is underway while federal authorities investigate. 

Shefferville is a small municipality in northern Quebec near the border of Labrador.

The red circle on the map below surrounds Misatin Lake, a remote location far in the Labador interior.

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On its Facebook page, Air Sagueny states that "with more than 45 years of experience in the field of bush air transport, with safe aircraft piloted by experienced pilots, with a team of experienced maintenance; we are able to offer professional and customized services to meet your transportation needs and maintenance needs."

This is not the first time that an Air Saguenay aircaft crashed. In 2010, 4 people died after a plane crash north of Saguenay. Then in 2015, a crash in Les Bergonnes, Quebec killed 6 people.

The 2010 crash was the result of a mistake made by the pilot, says the CBC. Authorities also fined the airline for violating safety regulations.

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The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is reportedly investigating the incident, though the agency has not issued a statement on its website.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.