Planting Flowers In Montreal Potholes

Simple answer: YES!

There is a reason I don't drive, or ride a bike, or skateboard, longboard, rollerblade etc. One, I'm clumsy as all hell and shouldn't be trusted around anything with wheels. Two, the roads in Montreal are absolutely atrocious. Honestly, everywhere you look there is uneven ground littered with giant potholes. It just looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

People react to potholes differently. Some avoid them while driving, others complain to their city reps, others draw penises around them to gain attention. However, I think the most efficient means so far, is the recent trend that's been popping up around the U.S.

FLOWER POTHOLES! Just look at how adorable this is people! Who would've thunk "protest gardening" would be a thing? I think we should implement this immediately. Not only would it force action BUT it would also make the city look beautiful and green.

Now I'll leave you with this genius piece of cute. Enjoy.

Photo cred - humanflowerproject

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