Play 21 Unreleased Video Games For Free Tonight At The SAT

DemoNight 2015 gives you the gaming exclusive.
Play 21 Unreleased Video Games For Free Tonight At The SAT

Photo cred - somontreal

Gamers of Montreal, you have a very special evening ahead of you. Tonight, the Montreal-branch of the International Game Developer Association, aka the IGDA, is hosting a gaming night like no other at the SAT, where you'll have the chance to play over twenty video games well before their release. Your gamer-cred will instantly be boosted.

Dubbed DemoNight, the gaming event at the SAT will feature 21 video games that are currently in the "work-in-progress" stage, so while they're incomplete, you will be getting the first glimpses of the new projects from both big name studios and indie developers in Montreal. Be sure to quote that on the r/gaming threads after the event.

Free for all members of the IGDA, and only $5 for everyone else, DemoNight 2015 will begin tonight at the SAT on Saint Laurent street, starting at 6:30pm and ending at 10pm. All demos will last a total of 5 minutes of game time, and below you'll find a rundown of the games and the developers. For more info, head to the event listing here.

1. Black the Fall  - Sand Sailor Studios (action)

2. Close Castles  - Sirvo (multiplayer strategy)

3. Curses ‘N Chaos  - Tribute Games (co-op brawler)

4. Dead Years - ZeroByte Games (RPG)

5. Gardenarium  - Paloma Dawkins with KO-OP Mode (adventure/strategy)

6. Glimpse  - Stevie Jay Games (puzzle)

7. Hitman: Sniper  - Square Enix Montréal (action)

8. Jotun - Thunder Lotus Games (action)

9. KatanaZer0 - Askiisoft

10. KWAAN  - Ankama Canada (online adventure)

11. Land of Traps  - Red Se3d Studio (platformer)

12. Leap of Fate  - Clever-Plays (action)

13. Mafia Casino  - Beam Me Up Games & Boîte de Jeux (strategy)

14. Moon Hunters  - Kitfox Games (co-op RPG)

15. Mordheim: City of the Damned - Rogue Factor (turn-based strategy)

16. Subaeria (PC) - Studios illogika (action-adventure)

17. Time Machine - Minority Media (adventure)

18. Ultimate Chicken Horse - Clever Endeavour Games (platformer)

19. Wicked Witches  - Ectoplasm Studio (action)

20. Words Are Power - Studio T. Adam (puzzle)

21. Z’Isle - Miscellaneum Studios (RPG)