Montreal Researchers Find That Playing Video Games Make You Smarter

Montreal study associates gaming with increased brain matter.
Montreal Researchers Find That Playing Video Games Make You Smarter

A Université de Montréal study has established that playing video games into your old age improves brain health.

University psychologists found a correlation between 3D platforming games and increased grey matter.

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The study enrolled 33 people between the ages of 55 and 75 and asked them to play Super Mario 64, take piano lessons, or do nothing at all.

The experiment was conducted over six months across a number of old peoples' homes.

The effect of each on grey matter in three areas of the brain was observed. These areas are the ones associated with memory, planning, and motor control. 

Researchers found that those who played the game, experienced an increase in grey matter. Surprisingly, there were no brain changes in the group of subjects who opted to take piano lessons.

Such research has been carried out in the past. However, it has focused on younger subjects. 

These findings could be an early step into what promises to be an interesting research area. In order to conclusively establish these findings, however, larger studies need to be conducted with more subjects.

The researchers who conducted the study were optimistic enough to suggest that their findings may bode well for such therapeutic areas such as Alzheimer's disease.