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Playstation Is Having A Massive Sale In Canada With Games Up To 70% Off

GTA V, Bloodborne, The Last of Us, and more!
Playstation Is Having A Massive Sale In Canada With Games Up To 70% Off

We reportedover the holidays that Playstation was having a huge Holiday Sale... well it turns out they've extended the deals and added more goodness to go around.

Which makes right now the best possible time to stock up on cheap games you'd otherwise never buy, or that expensive one you've had your eye on but couldn't quite justify...

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TL;DR PlayStation has extended their sale and some games are up to 75% off! Take a look at some of the highlights below...

Some of the games are as much as 75% off and other, arcade-style games are as cheap as $1.59.

While Pac-Man might not be your go-to gamer choice, having fun and easy games for guests to play is always sweet.

Grand Theft Auto V – $18.49 – 50% off

The longstanding PlayStation powerhouse, Grand Theft Auto, is a staple for anyone who have owned any version of the console.

Drive, shoot, and steal like a madman... what more could you want!?

Dark Souls Remastered – $41.24 – 25% off


A remastering of the original Dark Souls? Yes please.

Dark Souls is often considered one of the best games ever made – so now is your chance to test that theory. At this price, why not?

Dark Souls II – $12.49 – 75% off


Not as big of a hit as the first, but still worth putting on the list.

The second installment in this series is known for its difficulty, so go for it, if you think you've got what it takes...

Bloodborne – $18.79 – 60% off


Often considered one of the best games of this day and age.

Bloodborne is a beautiful and unique storyline with equally stunning visuals.

Pac-Man – $1.59 – 60% off


This is awesome just to have if you've got friends coming over and you want something that everyone can play.

Plus... for a buck, why not try and beat the high score!?

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Echiridion – $25.99 – 50% off


Great for the whole family!

This Adventure Time game allows you to play as Finn while you try to save the land of Ooo from pirates and a flood!

Jurassic World Evolution – $39.99 – 50% off


Perfect for new-timeJurassic Park lovers or the diehard fans of the 90s. This game is sure to appease your dino desires.

This game allows you to build Jurassic World – like Sims but with dinos!

Far Cry 3 Classic – $27.99 – 15% off

Another classic first-person shooter game, which also includes aspects of role-playing elements

The story this time takes places during a planned vacation on the Rook Island. Cue pirates, chaos, and definite fun.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality – $19.99 – 50% off


Who wouldn't want the opportunity to control their own Pickle Rick?!

Travel through virtual realities in this awesome and sure-to-be hilarious take on the Rick and Morty series.

The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt – $26.79 – 60% off


The third instalment in the Witcher series continues to follow the famed monster hunter after his reunion with his long lost love, Yennefer.

The Witcher series is based on a Polish novel series of the same name and for this reason, the games are often applauded for their great attention to story and character.

Assassins Creed Rogue Remastered – $27.99 – 30% off


Pick up this remastered version of Assassin's Creed Rogue if you want to support our local game producer, Ubisoft!

The story this time is set during the mid-18th century during the Seven Years War.

Call Of Duty WWII, Gold Edition – $31.99 – 50% off


One of the biggest first-person shooter games to ever grace the PS4 console.

The story this time is the battle at Normandy featuring Canadian soldiers!

God of War: Ascension – $3.24 – 75% off


Always a classic and one of the cheapest games on this list!

LittleBigPlanet 3 – $5.19 – 60% off


Fun for the whole family!

LittleBigPlanet is an awesome take on the classic video game with super original characters and a great soundtrack.

The Last of Us – $6.49 – 50% off


Often considered one of the best stories to come out of a video game.

I won't spoil anything but the twist at the end of this game has long shocked and moved gamers — like a movie more than a video game.

Check out the rest of the great deals here!

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