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Pokémon GO Is Uniting Montrealers Like Nothing Else Ever Has. Yes, EVER!

The one city that probably needed it the most in Canada.
Pokémon GO Is Uniting Montrealers Like Nothing Else Ever Has. Yes, EVER!

Oh yes, prepare your ears for yet another Pokémon GO article! However, this isn't your typical Pokémon GO article. Based on personal experience I can honestly say that Pokémon GO is bringing us Montrealer's together. Not only have I witnessed this but I have also lived it.

It is fairly known that Montrealer's don't necessarily talk to one another randomly but Pokémon GO is changing that. As more and more people are playing Pokémon Go, more and more Montrealer's are socializing with one another. Half the time the conversation goes even beyond Pokémon GO! It may seem stupid and yeah some of you will comment that this is dumb but I honestly think it's a great side effect that came along with the fun of Pokémon Go.

So, I suggest going out with your phone and playing Pokémon GO in some of Montreal's most popular Pokémon locations where hundreds of people can be found! Not only will your fellow Pokémon GO players aid you but you may also make some amazing new friends.

Photo Cred-Mushfiq Kamal 

Oh yes, you are totally seeing that picture right! Pokémon GO brought together 100+ people at Atwater Park. Not only are these people playing Pokémon GO, but they are also socializing with fellow Montrealer's. This is all caused due to the increase in Pokémon GO players.

Photo Cred-Mushfiq Kamal

I mean like it doesn't get crazier than this! I can even say based on personal experience that it's super fun to talk to fellow Pokémon GO players. When I was walking to a park near my house with my boyfriend last night, another couple was also playing and we ended up meeting up at the same lure. It was pretty funny and I shouted Pokémon GO??? They were like YASSSS! and we spoke for about 10 minutes after.


Photo Cred-Andrew Durot

Not only are people getting together at night, but also during the day at just about anywhere! What I see happens the most often is people conversing at bus stops and metro stations! It's fun to talk to different people over  Pokémon GO.

Photo Cred- Maxime Langevin

Pokémon GO is even bringing people together who are in Old Montreal! So now tourists and Montrealer's are playing Pokémon GO together and are getting to learn more from new people that they would once consider a stranger!

Photo Cred-Elie Kopter

Photo Cred- Ken N Nguyen

But hey, some of us Montrealer's are a little shy but honestly, Pokémon GO may not bring you close to starngers but it may bring you closer to your friends this summer as you enjoy new adventures thanks to Pokémon GO.

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