Pokémon GO "Uber" Now Exists In Montreal

Catch 'em all at lightning speed.

I've been playing Pokémon GO for all of two days, and I'm already beyond obsessed. My life now revolves around catching Pokémon (as it should, THB), finding Poké Stops, tracking down lures, repping my team (Mystic for life, you guys), and just generally being the best, like no one ever was.

Of course, scouring the city by foot is a good way to achieve this, but there's nothing like spinning 5 Poké Stops in the matter of 10 seconds, hitting up 3 lures in record time, and catching all the rares you can in the shortest amount of time. And sometimes the only way to do this is by car.

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Unfortunately, some of us have to drive and therefore cannot Pokémon Go at the same time; and others straight-up don't have anyone down to drive us around catching dank Pokémon.

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To combat that problem, some people are putting up ads online throwing their driving services out there for Pokémon GO players.

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One resourceful individual has also created Pokémon GO Driver MTL, a Facebook page repping people dedicated to driving players around to catch Pokémon for "affordable and competitive prices".


If you want to know more about the page, you can see their Facebook post below, or go directly to their Facebook.

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