Polar Bear Kills Canadian Man

The second fatality this year.
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Polar Bear Kills Canadian Man

Polar bears are among the most dangerous animals on the continent.

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The massive mammals are fiercly protective and aggressive hunters. Some communities in Canada have even outlawed the locking of cars in case an unsuspecting pedestrian has to suddenly take shelter from a charging bear.

Hunters especially are taking a risk when they dare to enter the unprotected domain of wildlife. One mistep could make a hunter the target of an enraged polar bear.

Such is the case today in Nunavut, where, tragically, a polar bear is confirmed to have killed a local hunter. 

His hunting party set out in search of caribou but found themselves in the path of the bear. 

His death appears to have allowed the escape of his comrades, who survived with no serious injuries, according to the CBC. Though the exact details of the incident are still unconfirmed.

This is the second human death by polar bear this year. These two attacks are also the only two confirmed fatal polar bear attacks since 2000.

While the two instances this year are not enough to make a claim to broader trends, they do portend an alarming future.

As polar bear territory decreases because of global warming and their source of food becomes less secure, attacks on humans may become more frequent. 

Canadians who reside in or near polar bear territory should, of course, always be vigilant.


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