Montreal Police Are Searching For The Girl Who Threw Beer In Roosh V's Face

She may be facing charges for assault.
Montreal Police Are Searching For The Girl Who Threw Beer In Roosh V's Face

Montreal's latest heroine might have gotten herself in a bit of trouble over the weekend. As you probably knew already, Roosh V was in Montreal over the weekend and after hitting on a girl at a bar, she proceeded to throw a beer in his face. Roosh tweeted that this happened after she rubbed her "sexy legs" against him and that it was totally worth it.

A girl gave me a beer shower... after rubbing her sexy legs against me in an intimate conversation. It was worth it! ?

— Roosh (@rooshv) August 9, 2015

But it seems like it wasn't that worth it after all, because Roosh pressed charges against the beer slinging woman. The SPVM are currently looking for her and when she is found, she may face criminal charges.

This is total bullshit for a few reasons:

1. This woman is totally awesome and when you're that awesome, you get to throw beer in people's faces. You just do. It's like an unwritten rule or something.

2. Roosh is a douche. It rhymes so it has to be true.

3. More than one person threw beer at Roosh so there's no reason for the first woman to be singled out.

4. According to my colleague Laura Hanrahan, he looks like a "rapey Jesus." 

So I really hope nothing happens to this woman, because I'm pretty sure she just did what any of us wished we could have done. And according to our survey, most of you thought that a beer was way too nice and would have rather thrown a fist or a bag of dicks if they had the chance.


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