Police Are Setting Up Surprise Roadblocks In Montreal To Catch People Driving High On Marijuana

You can also get in trouble for driving with cannabis visible in your car.
Police Are Setting Up Surprise Roadblocks In Montreal To Catch People Driving High On Marijuana

Now that cannabis is legal across Canada, you'd think that police would take a little break from busting people caught with the substance. Now that you can't really get in trouble for having marijuana on you, police should be relaxing a little bit, right?

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TL;DR After the government of Quebec officially started selling marijuana on Wednesday, police also began setting up roadblocks across the province to catch anyone driving high. Police are using their own judgement to arrest drivers. The roadblocks strike some as extremely unfair.

SQDC stores opened bright and early Wednesday morning, and with the amount of people lined up outside of each location it's hard not to think that everyone in the province now has a little bit of pot on them. Chances are, there are quite a few people out there that are driving with the product in their vehicle as well.

If you thought that would be fine (as long as they aren't actually smoking and driving) since it's now totally legal, you'd be wrong.

It turns out that police in Quebec police have already set up a ton of roadblocks to catch anyone with weed on their person.

So far, there has been a least one confirmed roadblock in Montreal on Ave. du Parc. Police are specifically looking for high drivers, but you could get in trouble just for keeping cannabis visible and within reach of any passenger.

There was also a roadblock just off the island in the suburb of Terrebonne:

Via Spotted: STM

It's crazy to believe that the government is selling residents marijuana just to arrest them for it afterwards, but it's true. 

So yes, as of now Quebec authorities are stopping random people across the province to make sure they aren't driving high. The worst part about all of this is that police don't even have the proper tools to confirm you're under the influence, they're just using their own judgement!

Long day at work? You're probably just high. Didn't get enough sleep last night so your eyes are a little puffy and red? Definitely high! Without testing, evidence is insubstantial.

It's not getting any better anytime soon either. As of now police are setting up more roadblocks in surprise places across the province, so you can only anticipate being stopped by the SQ in the very near future.

In the meantime, perhaps residents should wait until initial hype has subsided to make their first cannabis purchases.

Is this really what the province is coming to after legalizing marijuana? Stay tuned for more info on how police continue to handle this super unfair situation.

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