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Police Dogs Are Being Fired Because Of Canada's New Marijuana Legalization

They're only trying to do their very best!
Police Dogs Are Being Fired Because Of Canada's New Marijuana Legalization

Recreational marijuana legalization is about to create an economic boom in Canada.

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Companies across the continent are scrambling to take advantage of the emerging market. Taxes on purchases will give provinces millions more in revenue. And weed tourism will become a major industry, much to the chagrin of American border agents and politicians.

But for one sector, marijuana legalization is proving detrimental, leading to several firings and reassignments.

Yes, some RCMP police dogs are out of work because their primary function has become null. The canines have performed admirably, but now need to look for other jobs.

Dogs that are experts in detecting marijuana will soon become obsolete in their current roles. According to the CBC, they could even jeopardize legal cases if they continue to work.

Puppers who signal a discovery of legal marijuana could make other evidence inadmissible in legal procedings.

Fourteen dogs in total have been fired so far. Of those, some will be adopted while others will be reassigned to other law enforcement groups.

The dogs will unfortunately receive no severence packages or benefits. But current rules ensure they will end up in happy homes or equally fulfilling occupations.

Who knows? Maybe this came at the right time. Maybe this is just the career change the dogs needed.


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