Police In Quebec Are Setting Up Roadblocks To Catch People Driving High On Marijuana

Marijuana is now officially legal in Canada and ironically it appears as though more people will start being be arrested and fined for weed related crimes than ever before. 

Some people are even claiming that legalization was just an excuse to put more money in the pockets of the government. Think about it, they can sell you marijuana and they can still arrest you for smoking it. 

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Of course less than 24 hours after marijuana was legalized in Canada the police couldn't resist, they simply had to test out their newly acquired excuse to arrest people.

On Wednesday night, Quebec police officers set up a road block that was specifically meant to target marijuana users. They couldn't even give the people one day to relax and enjoy a little taste of freedom. 

A dozen officers stopped over 200 drivers to check if they were high. What’s even worse is that they didn’t even have the proper tools to test if the drivers were high. 

So what did they do?

They had to use their own judgement to determine if a driver had been smoking marijuana. So basically if the cops just think you're driving high, they can arrest you without any actual tests. 

Hopefully you'll never get pulled over while looking sleepy or slightly red eyed from wearing contact lenses, otherwise a cop might think you "look high" and throw you in jail.  

Despite all their efforts the police didn't actually manage to stop anyone for driving high so on top of all this, it was all just a big waste of time and money.