Police In Quebec Caught A Man Who Tried To Make A Non-Essential Trip Just To Get Ice Cream

Mont-Tremblant police are calling out travel rule-breakers.
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Police In Quebec Caught A Man Who Tried To Make A Non-Essential Trip Just To Get Ice Cream
  • Police in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec announced that they caught about 20 individuals engaging in non-essential travel to the city.
  • One man, police say, left his home just to get ice cream from a fast food restaurant that also had a location in his hometown.

Mont-Tremblant police are calling out a few individuals who flouted non-essential travel guidelines. In a statement Monday, the municipal police force announced that officers had caught about 20 people who had attempted to make non-essential trips to the city on the weekend of April 10. "Several of the cases," police note, were particularly "surprising."

One man left his home in the Lower Laurentians just to try to get ice cream from a fast-food restaurant — a restaurant that also had a location in his hometown.

Two other Montrealers who told police they needed a "change of air" were also turned back.

"Another Montrealer specifically mentioned 'I don't care' and that he came to Mont-Tremblant for a mountain hike," police said.

Perhaps of note is the fact that "the vast majority of offenders" stopped by police "were Montrealers who came to Mont-Tremblant for tourism or to access their second homes without a valid reason."

In total "some 20 general offence reports for these three days alone will be forwarded to the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions," the statement concludes.

Though the announcement did not confirm whether the man who sought ice cream is among them.

Mont-Tremblant police also remind the public that "a non-essential hike [...] could result in a fine of between $1,000 and $6,000."

This news comes after the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) discouraged any and all non-essential travel, even leisurely car rides.

The SQ told Narcity Québec that general offence reports can be issued for travel between regions, which is prohibited in non-essential circumstances.

Across the province, police have established checkpoints to control travel, including in the Laurentides region.

In Montreal, the Mayor has requested that residents stay in their own neighbourhoods, but walks and outdoor exercise are still permitted so long as individuals respect social distancing rules.

The SPVM, meanwhile, is prepared to issue fines to anyone who participates in gatherings or is within two metres of another individual not in their household.

Stay tuned for more news.

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