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Police Issued An Amber Alert Last Night & Ontarians Are Complaining About How It Woke Them Up... Again

This is not the first time that people have complained about a potentially life-saving alert.
Police Issued An Amber Alert Last Night & Ontarians Are Complaining About How It Woke Them Up... Again

Early Thursday morning, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) issued an Amber Alert after a little girl in Brantford was last seen getting into her car with her father and two other women.

The Amber Alert helped find the girl and her father, who was suspected of having abducted her, just hours later. According to CTV News, it took police an hour of negotiating with the father before the little girl was handed back, near Hamilton, safe and sound.

Once again, many people took to the internet to complain about the Amber Alert and how it was loud and disrupting to their sleep.

Luckily, the girl was found safe, and what could have been a tragedy turned out all right. Her father and three other adults who are seemingly involved in allegedly abducting the girl have been arrested.

Their charges are pending.

While the case was still unfolding, many people were obviously unimpressed with the Amber Alert system, complaining that it disturbed their sleep, or woke their children.

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Amber Alerts are used only in emergencies when police believe a child's life may be in danger.

Many made the point that they are complaining because they want the system to be better: some believe that these alerts wake people up who desperately need their sleep, like emergency responders who need their phones on as they are on-call.

The last time there was an Amber Alert in Ontario, 911 operators were flooded with calls from people complaining about the alert. One Ontario woman has started a petition to fine people who exhibit such behaviour.

It should be noted that many phones do have the option to turn notifications off.

There are also other options for people who set an alarm on their phones:

Luckily, in this instance, the missing girl was found safe. Amber alerts are necessary tools and can help to save a child's life.

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